A Big Thanks!

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A Big Thanks!

A big thanks to everyone’s great support in 2016 and wishing you all a year that enriches your soul through adventure, creativity, fun, love, and growth in 2017!

Small business is a huge thing and it’s been so great to have people believe in my products. And putting Mokee aside its so important if people want choice, service, local employment, sustainable products etc that you support your small businesses where possible:)

I use local printers, local packaging manufacturers, local designers, and only have my bedlinen product made overseas because no one can make it in Australia:( I also only use paper packaging, marketing materials that are from sustainable plantations via PEFC and FSC and minimal biodegradable plastic. I’m not telling you this so you hopefully buy my products, I just want to give an example of a small business that pays to use local and sustainable because that’s part of my ethos.


Retail giants continue to grow and swallow up smaller brands which for the end consumer means less choice, less sustainability, and less creativity! Thanks for listening to my words but please support small wherever you can, it does make a difference:)
Mokee has some exciting things to announce in 2017 that will develop the business into what I originally started it for and looking forward to putting some new designs online!

Best wishes for an awesome year, Steve